The Simpler Way

I recently came across the work of the Simplicity Institute. It is based in Australia and is dedicated to high quality research of the “post-consumerist” concept. Its mission is to try and address the multi-faceted problem of overconsumption that lies at the heart of many of the social, economic, and ecological crises which are currently afflicting advanced capitalist societies and beyond. They aim to do this through research, education, collaboration and the facilitation of grassroots organisation.

They are conducting rigorous research into voluntary simplicity and associated issues to build the theoretical and empirical basis upon which the Simplicity Movement rests.  This also serves to advance simplicity into circles of academic and policy debate on relevant issues. If you visit their web site you can take part in online surveys and download various working papers and guidelines for living more lightly.

You can find the Simplicity Institute here, and their related site The Simpler Way is here.



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